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Rust Stop Pro

For the past 28 years, Rust Stop Pro has been trusted in the treatment and prevention of rust on corroded metal. ​

Rust Stop Pro is specially developed to aid in restoring worn and corroded steel surfaces and is ideal for residential, farming, mining, and industrial use.

Rust Stop Pro is the only all-in-one rust treatment product on the market that serves as an undercoat, treatment, and final coat.

The nanoparticles in Rust Stop Pro prevent rust from forming with a unique sealing characteristic that stops oxygen and water molecules from penetrating the metal.

Used on severely corroded surfaces, Rust Stop Pro penetrates the surfaceneutralizing all acids and corrosive-causing elements.

Rust Stop Pro has a coverage of +- 5 square meters per litre, per coat.

Rust Stop Pro dries to a natural khaki colour that blends well with any colour scheme. It can be applied to all metal and zinc surfaces and is ideal for roof coatings.

Rust Stop Pro adheres to metal so well, that sandblasting is required to remove it from the surface. 

By applying only two coats directly onto the rusted surface, Rust Stop Pro serves as:

  • An undercoat,
  • Treatment (that penetrates up to 9 microns into the rusted surface)
  • and the final coat, which dries to a natural khaki finish.
  • New formula - Dries in 15 minutes

No intense labour required as Rust Stop Pro is painted (or sprayed) directly onto the affected area.

Two coats are required, with a service coat every 3–5 years.

At the coast, a service coat is recommended every 2 years.

This product has been proudly developed in South Africa over the last 28 years.

Rust Stop Pro is also proud to be a Certified member of the South African Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA).

Support South African products!

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 - > View a video of new quick dry application by clicking >> here 


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Rust Stop Pro 1L

Rust treatment

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Rust Stop Pro 2 x 1L

Rust treatment

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Rust Stop Pro 3 x 1L

Rust treatment

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Rust Stop Pro 5L

Rust treatment

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Rust Stop Pro 20L

Rust treatment

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