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Uncaged Ergonomics Workez Executive Laptop Stand

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The Workez Executive laptop stand is a versatile and hugely adjustable devise that will transform the way you work on your laptop in different environments.
The laptop stand positions your laptop to optimise the monitor height and typing posture.
Made from aluminium, it is light-weight, durable and naturally dissipates heat.
The stand adjusts up to 60cm tall to hold laptops at eye level whilst standing.
When used with the keyboard tray, it can act as a versatile and affordable standing workstation for laptop users.

Want the health benefits of standing?
Turn any desk or table into a simple laptop standing desk by using the WorkEz laptop stand or by combining it with the WorkEz keyboard tray
Burn calories, have more energy and be more productive
Change your position during the day to improve your comfort while working and reducing strain often caused by sustained positions.

Do you like to watch movies in bed?
The executive laptop stand raises your laptop or tablet off your lap, keeping it cool
With the wide range of adjustments, you don't have to crane your neck to see the screen clearly
The 3-Section legs form a stable base
The panel rotates to put the screen at the perfect angle for better viewing.

Do you use your laptop on the couch or chair?
Although it is not recommended to use your laptop on the couch, the Executive laptop stand will assist you with improving your posture and comfort while doing so.
Raise your laptop off your lap.

Create space to stretch your legs, move around and get comfortable
The 3-section legs are stable on the couch
The aluminium panel keeps your laptop cool

- Adjustable height range: 0 - 60 cm
- Panel Size: 46 x 25.5cm
- Folded Size: 55,8cm by 28cm by 5cm
- Width between legs: 53,3cm
- Weight: 1.8kg
- Maximum load capacity: 6kg
- Panel naturally cools the laptop
- Tilt the panel to decrease glare on your screen
- Foldable, collapsible, lightweight and transportable
- Fits all common laptop sizes
- Material: Aluminium

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