Rex – Cat Scratcher – Pompom – 2 Level –

Rex – Cat Scratcher – Pompom – 2 Level

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Now, when the mouse is away, the cat can play. The Cat Scratcher is perfect for keeping your cat active indoors during cold or wet weather. The scratching post is wrapped in naturally hard wearing woven sisal and supported by a sturdy base. The angles, will provide your cat with hours of exploration and claw-scratching fun. It’s also a great way for your cat to relieve stress and frustration and to teach them not to scratch your furniture. The post comes in neutral colours, to seamless blend in with the decor in your home.



  • The soft material provides warmth and encourages your feline friend to get comfy!
  • Your cat can sharpen their claws to their hearts content on any of the scratchers
  • 2 levels of kitty fun
  • Helps to relieve stress and frustration
  • Playtime keeps things interesting
  • Neutral colours of this post make fitting in with your home decor
  • Material: Sisal, Short plush & MDF - Easy to assemble


What comes in the box:

1 x Rex - Cat Scratcher - Pompom - 2 level


Packaging Dimensions:

(L x H x W) 30 x 30 x 53cm


Packaging Weight:



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