Mermaid Flippers - Small - Pink/Purple –

Mermaid Flippers - Small - Pink/Purple


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Become a mermaid in your very own pool with beautiful Mermaid Flippers. The flexible flipper boosts agility and speed in the water so you can glide and propel yourself through the water like a real mermaid.

Advise for Use:

  • Flippers are recommended for ages 6+
  • Children must be able to swim well, as these flippers are not swimming aids, nor floating assists


  • Mermaid tail design, builds leg strength, increases water confidence, making swimming exercise more interesting and enabling children be more pleased to touch the water
  • It can greatly improve your swimming speed, making swimming exercise more enjoyable
  • Soft foot belt makes it comfortable for swimmers to wear - The strap can be adjusted to fit the child's shoe size Experience looking and feeling like a real mermaid
  • The soft and flexible flipper boosts agility and speed in the water



  • 1x small mermaid flipper

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