Chopping Board - Pull Out Tray –

Chopping Board - Pull Out Tray

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Chopping Board - Pull Out Tray - Gone are the days of the conventional chopping board. The Fine Living ‘Pull-out Tray’ Chopping Board is a meal preparation game changer. With this multi-functional board, you can now chop up your food and use the pull out tray to swipe away all of your off-cuts. Now you can finish slicing and dicing without have to run and bin the scraps that were crowding your preparation space. For those that are trying to be more environmentally friendly, this is also a great and convenient way to make organic compost refuse from the likes of peels, stems and seeds. The chopping board is made from a non-slip and hard food grade plastic.


  • The chopping board with pull out tray is very practical with drawers
  • The tray is multifunctional and can be used to store chopped foods
  • The chopping board is made from a non-slip plastic and a Hard food grade plastic - Instead of crowding their chopping board with both usable and unusable cuts of veggies, cooks can swipe scraps into this convenient tray, freeing up space without having to drag out the trash bin until the very last ingredient has been sufficiently sliced and diced.
  • Stylish, sturdy and perfect for scraps of all sorts, this clever two-in-one tool even makes composting organic refuse like peels, stems and seeds easier than ever. 


What comes in the box:

  • 1x Chopping board - Pull out tray


Packaging Dimensions:

  • (H x L x W) 30.7 x 22.5 x 4.4cm  


Packaging Weight:

  • 0.72kg


Product Dimensions:

  • (L x H x W) 30.1 x 22 x 30.8cm

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