AE Instant Water Heater - 7kw –

AE Instant Water Heater - 7kw

Instant Water Heater

R 4 195 R 4 395

Model: 7000w

Power: AC 220V 7000W

Power Control Mode: Variable Power Settings

Current: 0 - 32A

Wiring Size Required: Copper wire 4mm²

Waterproof Rating: IPX4

Max. Output Temperature: 55 degrees Celsius

Flow Rate: 1 - 5 L Per Minute

Input Water Pressure: 0.02~0.60MPa

Dimension: 325 x 215 x 65mm

Gross Weight packaged: 3.25 KG

Instant Hot Water in seconds

- Tankless

- Energy and Water Efficient

- NRCS certified in SA

- Quality product

- 1 Year factory warranty 


Full Specifications
Model  7000W
Power AC 220V 7000W 
Power Control Mode Variable Temp Settings (30-55 degrees)
Current 0 - 32A
Wire Size Required Copper wire 4mm²
Waterproof Rate IPX4
Max. Output Temperature 55 degrees Celsius
Flow Rate 1 - 5 L Per Minute
Input Water Pressure 0.02 - 0.60MPa
Dimension 320 x 215 x 75mm
Gross Weight packaged 3.2 KG
Box and Control Panel
Body Material ABS
Finish Color Silver/Cream
Display LED
Display Codes Function & Malfunction
Control Means Mechanical Keys
Water Connection Size 1/2 inch
Heating System
Heat Generator Stainless Steel Heating Cylinder
Storage Capacity Tankless
Energy Efficiency 97.50%
Electric Leakage Protection
Inlet Insulation wall & Outlet Insulation wall
Heating water insulated from electricity
Over-temperature protection 70 degrees Celsius
Dry-heating Protection 95 degrees Celsius
Flow Sensing Switch Yes



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