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Wherecom Kids Security watch with FREE SHIPPING

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- Watch
The device will synchronize the time from your phone, which can be viewed by touching one of the big buttons on the side of the device.

When your little one is in trouble and needs urgent assistance, the large button situated at the base of the watch can be pushed until the device vibrates.

A loud SOS push notification will then be sent to all family members that are linked to the watch alongside a 15 second high definition voice recording of the child's surroundings.

Once the SOS notification has been received and any of the linked numbers call the device within three minutes, the device will answer automatically allowing you to assess the risk further or to communicate with the loved one.

A high definition microphone will also allow you to communicate in noisy environments and should the loved ones hands be tied behind their back you will still be able to listen.

We suggest that when returning a SOS call that you mute your device to assess the situation to ensure that a maybe already dangerous situation is not aggravated. Once you
are happy that there is no danger you can than unmute your device and have a two way phone call with your loved ones.

- Phone
The two big buttons situated on the side of the device acts as speed dialling buttons. These buttons can be pre-programed to accommodate two independent telephone numbers from an app which will be installed on a smartphone.

The app also allows you to control who may call the device. Only numbers added to the contact list on the app will be able to make a phone call to the device. These telephone numbers are easily changeable by the administrator.

The call is a normal loudspeaker call and with the high definition microphone and speaker you will be able to interact in a noisy environment

- Tracker
Real time tracking is available from your smartphone allowing you to track the device 24 hours 7 days a week.

The app allows you to decide how often you require updates from the device on its current location, from live tracking, 1 minute intervals, 10 minute intervals to 60 Minute intervals or when the device?s battery is low you can switch the tracking off so that it will only be available in an emergency.

Two methods of tracking is used to ensure your loved ones safety, GPS and LBS tracking (LBS is used when no accurate signal is obtained from GPS, but cell phone signal is present).

- Safe Zones
A safe zone can be placed around the current location of the device from 200 meters to 2000 meters or at multiple locations such as your house, school, aftercare etc. should the device leave the perimeters set by you on the app a push notification will be sent to all family members.

- Motion Detection
The device measures the movement of a human being (not a vehicle). Should the device be taken off and be dropped or set down, a stationary alert will be send to your phone alerting you that the device in all likelihood has been removed. You can also set sleep time on the app to ensure the device does not send a movement alert when the loved one has taken it off for bed.

- Water resistant
The device is water resistant and not water proof. This means that the device is in laymen?s terms, splash proof or when the device is exposed to water that the device will not fail. The device can however not be submerged under water as the water pressure will pierce the seals. The reason for us not making the device full on water proof is to ensure that the loud speaker call quality is not jeopardized.

- Battery
The device has a 600 mAh battery which enables the device to operate for approximately one week on standard mode and up to 2 days on full tracking mode. The device is fully rechargeable with a standard mini USB charger.

- Tracking History
The device will save its location to a secure cloud which means you will be able to see exactly where the device was and when. This data is stored for 3 months.
Differentiation is made between family members and contacts on the app.

- Family Members
Family members who can be added on the administrator?s app can track the device alongside the administrator. 5 Family members can be added at this stage and time.

- Contacts
Contacts are able to call the device of which two can be set to the speed dialling buttons located on the device. The device allows 20 contacts.

- Cost
During the testing of our devices we have found that the device uses less than 1 Meg of data a month and that the app uses less than 10 Megs a month, and that the true cost centre of the device is situated in the actual phone calls made to and from the device. These costs to us worked to roughly R25 / month.

We recommend that when choosing your service provider for the device that you purchase a sim from your current service provider and that you add the number to your current contract which takes out the hassle of purchasing airtime or having to worry whether the device has airtime.

Wherecom Kids Watch Setup Guideline:

- Purchase a micro sim card from your preferred service provider;
- RICA the purchased sim card;
- Load airtime onto the purchased sim card;
- Insert micro sim into watch;
- Switch on the watch;
- Download the Wherecom app from your app store (links available on our App page);
- Register on app free of charge; and
- Link device to app via phone (please use international dialling code when setting up e.g. 27726554879).

When linking family members:

- New family member must download app and register on the app;
- Admin account can then add the new family member via their email address in the app under: settings, family.

When adding contacts:

Contact does not need the app on their phone!!!
- Admin to add new contact in the app under: settings, contacts. (Please use international dialling code e.g. 27722485465);
- Link the new number to call button 1 or 2 and save (This syncs watch and number with each other)
- Once the number has been synced to the watch you can change the speed dialling buttons from the app to whichever numbers you prefer.
- This will need to be done every time you add a contact to ensure correct synchronization between phone and watch

Product Specifications:

- Product Type: Kids Watch, Kids Tracker, Phone Watch
- Basic Functions: Time, Location, Communication & SOS
- Dimensions: 200mm x 38mm x 13mm
- Screen: 0.64 OLED Display
- Screen Resolution: 96 x 32
- Button: Two family buttons, Power button, SOS Button
- Watchband Material: Silicone material compatible with child safety standards
- Colour: Black, Pink, Orange & Blue
- Frequency: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
- Sim Card Type: Micro Sim card
- Positioning Modes: GPS + LBS
- Battery Type: Gel Polymer Lithium ION Battery
- Battery Capacity: 600mAh
- Standby Time: 1 Week
- Talk Time: 360 Minutes
- Charging Interface: Micro USB
- Waterproof: Water Resistant (No soaking / rinsing)
- Radiation: Zero basically which can be ignored
- Operating System System: iOS 7.0 and above & Android 4.0 and above

Colours Available:
- Black
- Blue
- Orange
- Pink

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