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Jewellery Dresses - Black

  • R 69.00

Each jewellery dress holder has thirty nine clear pockets on one side and twenty four hook and loop tabs on the other side, making it suitable for all types of jewellery.
Designed to hang securely in your wardrobe from a standard coat hanger. The jewellery dress will organise your valuables, make them easy to find and eliminate the risk of bumping or scratching.



  • Material: Non-woven, Transparent PVC
  • Size: 50x94cm
  • Capacity: App.60-80 piece of accessories
  • Colour: Black


Packace includes:

  • 1 x Jewellery Accessory Holder
  • Jewellery is not included

Product Dimensions:

24 X 3.1 X 32cm

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