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Appliance Trolley

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Heavy-duty appliance trolley for holding and moving appliances. Its simple but clean design in classic black colour, holds up to 130kg the maximum weight. Parts are detachable and adjustable widely. Fit for domestic appliances such as fridges and washing machines of different sizes.


  • Application : suitable for placing heavy objects such as washing machine, refrigerator, sterilizing cabinet and air conditioner
  • Maintaining ventilation of the base of the objects, anti-moisture, anti-rust and easily moved an cleaned.
  • Material : PA66, rubber universal wheels, metal zinc-plating tube
  • Function : Smooth and firm easy movement of heavy objects, adjustable dimension and convenient movement.
  • Quality : ultra-strong rigidity, press resistance and anti-corrosion.
  • Height : 10cm
  • Maximum load : 130kg
  • Maximum stretch : 60 x 70cm

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