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Oxford Toy Building Blocks

OXFORD building blocks are produced by a  South-Korean company that sells building-toys similar to and fully compatible with LEGO. Even though these blocks are referred to as "clone blocks", it has to be noted that the Oxford building block range is compatible with Lego blocks, the quality of these blocks are exceptional and they are about 50-70% cheaper than Lego!

QUALITY: From all clone-brands OXFORD has the reputation of being the highest quality. In fact, the brand is often referred to as “Korean LEGO”. If you mix OXFORD with your LEGO-bricks you will have an extremely hard time distinguishing them!

The quality of the plastic, the vibrancy of the colors, the weight and feel of the bricks, the precision and clutch-power of the pieces is exactly the same as that of LEGO-bricks. Pretty much the only way you can distinguish them is that OXFORD-bricks have no logo on the studs.