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The multi use Play Sets

Posted by Dawie Theron on

Tools play set


I have a very special affinity to the various types of play sets that we sell here at There are two very good reasons for this: (a) It was some of the first products we stocked and (b) I myself have given each of my two children one.

My 3 year old daughter has the Beach play set and my 1 year old son has the Tool play set. Now, besides the fact that each of the various play sets we stock comes with a variety of accessories which fits neatly into the play set, these sets have other uses which comes in handy!

My daughter for instance, uses her play set as a step when she wants to brush her teeth or was her hands in the bathroom! Oh, and when she wants to sneak something from the top of the kitchen counter! Like cookies! But that's not all! She uses it as a seat as well! When we go to the beach, we pack the accessories that came with it in there, with some other toys, and it keeps her entertained for hours! She fills it up with water and has a blast! When we're done, we simply rinse the set out, pack all the goodies back in there and carry it like a little toy box! 

Beach play set

It's honestly one of the most versatile and most used toy in our house! If you have kids, you'll know that they tend to become bored with a toy within a few hours and it will sit at the bottom of the toy bin for a very long time! Not with these play sets! When you have something that is used as a toy, a step, a seat and a carry case for toys, it is going to be loved and played with! 

A lot of our friends have purchased more than one for themselves or as gifts and they all love it! The moment they saw how versatile it was, they just had to have one! 

Do you have one of these sets? Are your kids using it in unique ways? Leave a comment and let us know! We'd love to hear about it! Or why not visit our Facebook page and tell our followers what you think of these handy little sets? 

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